Hiring Talent for Your Startup

Today’s startups need the best possible talent. Great people are out there and it’s up to you, as the entrepreneur, to find them or to attract them. Perhaps you have never been an employer before, so it’s imperative to have a clear understanding of the kind of talent you need, but most importantly, the kind of work environment you wish to cultivate. Like every individual has a personality, every company has a culture. What kind of culture do you wish to have? Is it unique? Energizing? Compelling? Here are some tips for hiring based on your company’s culture.

Hire slow & fire fast. If an employee doesn’t fit the vision you have for your workplace, listen to your intuition and let them go. Not all people will fit within the culture of your company; they may hinder the creative process and slow down teamwork, even if, on paper, they’re qualified for the job.

Hire relevant experience. Desired work experience should be defined not in terms of years, but rather in terms of specific work achievements. A way to define work experience is in relation to their previous work environment. As you review candidates, pay attention to work histories in which applicants were required to perform with little managerial supervision and team assistance.

Don’t be too micromanagy. At some point, you’re going to have to relinquish some of your responsibilities. This is the only way your company will grow. Hire people you have confidence in so that you won’t be inclined to monitor their every move. An autonomous and proficient worker will give you peace of mind.

Pay well and have the right incentives. It seems like a no-brainer, but paying well and having the right perks in place will really help you attract some killer talent. Instill a results-oriented work environment wherein the employee is allowed freedom, and the main mandate is getting the job done. This is the type of innovative perk that attracts people.

By the time you create the right company culture, you should have the type of start-up where great talents want to work at. Who seeks out companies like these? Individuals who are sharp, capable, and motivated.

Like attracts like. Kind attracts kind. And if you want to attract innovators, you’ve got to be innovative.

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