Top 6 Entrepreneurship Blogs You Should Read

All you really need to brush up on your entrepreneurial skills is a good internet connection and a functioning computer. A simple Google search will result in great advice that you can use to your startup’s advantage. You can find amazing blogs from seasoned entrepreneurs, or even watch live streams and webinars. And, best of all, they are free! One of my favorite channels is the 500 Startups. If you look through their archives you can find so many helpful video resources on a number of topics are are sure to enlighten your entrepreneurial understanding.

If you’re more of a reader you should consider following blogs regularly. They will help keep you up-to-date on various entrepreneurial practices that could make or break your business. The following are six blogs that I look to for information and tips that I pass on to any entrepreneur that I coach.

Tomasz Tunguz’s blog is well-written and informative. It’s a great resource for finding out how your company fits into industry trends. He always provides metrics and analyses to corroborate his findings, which make his points easier to understand. Tomasz updates often and provides great tips for start-ups.

  • Dan Martell-

Dan Martell offers tips on entrepreneurship in general and emphasizes the entrepreneur rather than the business. He uses real-life examples to help entrepreneurs navigate the startup arena, and provides really practical advice to new business owners.

Duct Tape Marketing gives marketing tips that are simple to follow and easy to understand. You could have a fantastic business but if you don’t know how to sell your product, you’re dead in the water. Marketing is crucial, and the information that Duct Tape Marketing provides transcends industry, meaning it’s applicable to any business.

CB Insights Blog is ideal if you’re looking to raise VC money. It provides examples that will give you crucial insight on potential investors, and will help you clue in on important investments happening in the world of business.

As its name suggests, Tech Crunch only highlights new initiatives in the tech world. If you’re running a tech company, it can give you ideas on how to position your business in comparison to your competitors.

Ryan Hoover, inventor of Product Hunt, is a young entrepreneur who is easy to relate to. His writing is simple, funny, and unintimidating. I often refer his blog to young entrepreneurs who are entering the tech world and could use someone to identify with.

Bonus tip: A fantastic way to keep track of your favorite blog posts is by using Pinterest. Here is the LINK to my page where you can see which other bloggers have caught my eye.

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