International Startup Festival

Montreal is a city starting to get  known for encouraging start-ups and providing them with the right conditions to grow. For the past four years, Montreal hosts the International Start-Up Festival, that brings together investors, start-ups, and analysts from more than twelve different countries. Yes, this is an amazing opportunity, but the ticket  price of  $500 might give you cold feet. It’s worth it though. Below are a few reasons on why you should attend the International Start-Up Festival.


The festival hosts a multitude of different people from the entrepreneurship world. First off, there are the investors. If you are looking for funding, or simply want to connect with powerful people from the business world, this is the place to be. You will be able to meet representatives from a multitude of VC firms, as well as angel investors, depending on what you are looking for. If you are too shy to directly go up and talk to an investor, you can attend one of the festival’s many cocktail networking events, designed especially for that purpose.

Not looking for money? No problem. If you are searching for a co-founder, there is no better place. With hundreds of entrepreneurs on the site, your chances of finding a partner are higher than ever. Alternatively, you can meet and connect with different incubators, and perhaps find yourself a nice new workplace.


Entrepreneurship is not easy. Do you have trouble gaining traction, finding the right market for your company, getting funding, or virtually any other issue related to start-ups? The International Start-up Festival provides great keynotes and presentations every day, with speakers such as Terry Jones and David Segal. Whether you need inspiration or information, you are sure to find a presentation that will be of interest to you.

By networking with other entrepreneurs and investors, you will also be able to discuss some of your ideas and get feedback or suggestions. Anywhere you go, you will learn something that will help you grow your start-up. If you don’t, you’re probably spending too much time partying.


With media passes already sold out for this event, you can expect a full coverage from a multitude of different media organizations. Mingle with reporters and get your start-up featured in the media: you direct a large amount of attention to your start-up, and gain more customers.

ProMontreal Entrepreneurs, is a Patrons of the festival, and sponsors a starving start-up to attend, because we have seen first hand what attending the festival could mean for a start-up. If you are attending, come say hi!

This type of event is very beneficial for Montreal, as it brings international attention to the city and its start-ups. As an entrepreneur, you will be able to make priceless connections that are very hard to get outside of the festival. Attend as much keynotes as you can, but don’t forget to have a good time!

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