How LOJIQ Can Help You

How L'OJIQ  Can Help YouMontreal is a city with a great entrepreneurial climate, and provides many resources for start-up growth. Many of these opportunities present themselves in the form of contests, prizes, loans or government grants. Resources are also available through organizations set up especially to assist young entrepreneurs, and lead them to success. Les Offices Jeunesse Internationaux du Quebec, or LOJIQ, is an organization for Quebec residents that provides opportunities for start-ups to build international business ties. Founded in 2007, LOJIQ aims to enhance the professional networks and enrich the entrepreneurial experiences of Quebec youth on an international level. They offer internships, volunteer opportunities, and conferences in Europe, Oceania, America, Asia, and Africa. Of all the projects they offer, most fall into one of three categories:

1) Entrepreneurship Training
LOJIQ offers international seminars for students and aspiring entrepreneurs who are not quite sure how to start a business. These trips are often organized as group projects aimed to teach students the basics of entrepreneurship and inspire them to launch a start-up. These programs include lectures by successful professionals in the world of entrepreneurship. In order to participate candidates are not required to have an operating start-up, but must demonstrate passion and interest for entrepreneurship during the application process.

2) Entrepreneur Resources
Established entrepreneurs can also take advantage of a multitude of programs offered by LOJIQ. Programs offered include partnership opportunities, lectures and events, and international development. Although small and emerging start-ups are prioritized, all entrepreneurs are welcome to apply. LOJIQ programs are mostly focused on growing start-ups on an international scale, and helping you build worldwide business connections. If you intend to set up shop in different countries and make important connections in the business world, LOJIQ should definitely be considered.

3) Mentorship
Finally, LOJIQ offers international mentors to entrepreneurs to allow them to grow their start-up on an international scale. Entrepreneurs are matched with mentors based on their area of interest as well as their preferred location. These mentors are crucial to start-ups who need advice on how to develop their start-up in other countries, and how to reach new markets.

LOJIQ is heavily centered on international expansion for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it offers grants and bursaries to new and aspiring entrepreneurs that range from 1000$ to 2000$. Most of the programs that this organization offers require international travel, but you can apply for funding to pay for all of your travel expenses.

If you want to attend an event that the organization does not currently offer, you can pitch your own business travel idea, be it to a conference or an event, and LOJIQ may be able to sponsor you. For entrepreneurs with international ambition, LOJIQ is definitely worth checking out. Note that program information is only available in French but you can speak to someone at the organization that could help you in English.

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