How to Use Social Media Platforms

Marketing on social media can be a daunting task for a startup. With so much conflicting advice and competition, it can seem impossible to even get started, let alone know how to effectively use the different platforms.

Here are some tips on how to use them. Doing this effectively can help you make sure you are using social media to give your brand the right dose of exposure and get the message across to your targeted audience.


It’s important to start by building your fanbase on Facebook. Publicize your page and post a link to it anywhere you can, including adding a social icon onto your website. Once you’ve created a strong following it’s important to use status updates or photos to share your products, offers, services.


When marketing on Twitter, you need to have content that is enticing enough for people to stop and click through. Use questions, quotes or statistics related to the link you’re tweeting as a way to entice people to read more. Do not forget to incorporate photos, short videos, gifs or polls. Hashtags (#) play a crucial key role on Twitter. These tags allow you to reach a wider audience than just your followers by getting involved in existing conversations


Almost every business automatically has a Google+ page created and listed, but optimization must be done by you. Make sure everything is up to date and that you have completed all the necessary information.  It’s also important to use strong images, make your profile open to search, and share updates directly to your page.

Check out this infographic and get some tips on how to use the different social media platforms.

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